Peace Learning Circles

Promoting a culture of peace through education to youth and communities  

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Peace Learning Circles

Peace Learning Circles(PLC) is a non-profit educational organization.  Our mission is to promote a culture of peace through education to youth and communities.

Our goal is to provide students with fun and exciting opportunities to learn about values, teamwork, how to be a positive impact, empathy, respect for others, inclusion, and how to be a peace maker and peace mentor in their homes, schools and communities.  Students also learn and practice safe ways to deal with small problems and larger conflicts without violence.

Consider this; since 2006, 28 schools in Racine & Kenosha have participated in Peace Learning Circles; 200 classes, 5500 students making a difference to one child priceless

Peace Mentor Nominations

Since 2006, the students we work with have learned about well-known peace mentors such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Cesar Chavez and Mother Teresa.  They have also learned about 2 local peace mentors; Corinne Owens from Racine and Pastor Olen Arrington from Kenosha.  We would like to introduce the students to two more peace mentors, someone that is making a difference in our communities regardless of their age.  If you know of someone that you believe has made a difference, even if in small ways, you can download the nomination form on the link below.  The deadline to receive nominations is January 25, 2011. 


                            2011 Nomination Form for Peace Mentor



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